Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #2: Building Community in the Online Environment

  1. Along with the other teacher's blogs from Spring Branch, I also visited quite a number of blogs from around the country. I commented on a blog from an online educator ( regarding a post he made called "You can't be a lurker in my class", which was about how he is trying to get students to document, share, and showcase their learning, instead of just doing the assignments and being done with them.
  2. I love the idea of having this blog set up for the teachers to collaborate with each other, especially when I am looking for an idea for a lesson and can either quickly check out another educator's blog or find inspiration from one of their links. Since I already have a blog set up for my classroom that my students use and communicate with me on, I feel that this blog will be limited to my professional and collaborative use. While I enjoy reading comments on my blog that may help me justify what I am writing and displaying, I especially like to use the comment section of others in order to ask questions and to clarify what they are blogging about.
  3. I plan on visiting periodically throughout the school year. This website, which began as a blog, shows Internet TV shows twice a month that are directly targeted at K-12 educators, parents, and students. Their goal is to inspire creativity and innovation in education. Their shows are extremely interesting and provide a wealth of useful links and ideas.

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