Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #3: Finding Online Video and Image Resources

  1.  Before visiting some of the sites mentioned in 11 Tools, I had always used Discovery Education and for showing videos because they both did a great job with showcasing the science aspect of what I was teaching. The NASA site was excellent for showing the shuttle liftoffs and re-entries live for the students. I visited for the first time today and found a lot of great videos and ideas for helping with my math instruction.
    2. The two videos above were selected from TeacherTube and is a math lesson covering converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions, while the other is a brief explanation on how caves form. 
     3. The copyright and fair use videos were excellent. I was not aware of most of what the laws were in this area, especially the different types of copyright labels. This gives me some topics to talk about with my students regarding how to use different pictures and/or videos in their reports
    4. I created a Dropbox account and added a few files to it so that I can see how it worked...I was able to access those documents from my ipad after I added those files on my laptop. I can see how this will be useful when the district servers are down and I need those files.

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