Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tool #6: Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion In and Out of the Classroom

  1. I created an account for Wallwisher and Poll Everywhere.
  2. I have used Wallwisher in the past in my own classroom is a great tool for getting responses from students while they are at school and at home. I had a lateral thinking puzzle on my classroom blog ( where they were given a question and they had to post yes or no questions to me regarding that question. Then I would post back to them on the same wall as a yes or no. They loved being able to see the other student's questions/responses. I also created another wallwisher for this blog that I will probably include this year ( am having trouble figuring out how to embed this into the blog, so the link will have to suffice.
  3. I embedded the Poll Everywhere question above and linked the Wallwisher walls in the #2 above.
  4. I can really see both of these tools being used in my classroom blog to encourage participation at home...possibly being part of their homework (they would have to respond/post X number of times per week). I saw first hand how the Wallwisher site brought a lot of students posting that I wouldn't normally hear from in the classroom. I'm also thinking about creating a Poll Everywhere question to place on my activboard daily as a beginning of the day warmup activity.

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